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New Patients
Q:  Are you accepting new patients?

A:  Yes, we are accepting new patients.

Q:  Can I have a Virtual Office Visit as my first visit with the doctor?

A:  No.  A personal patient/physician relationship must be established prior to using the web portal.

Q:  Do I have to print the Patient Information Form and bring it with me when I come for my first visit?

A:  You have that option, but it is not a requirement.  You must, however, bring any/all valid insurance cards.

Prescriptions (Rx)   
Q:  Will my Rx be called in to my pharmacy?

A:  No.  Prescriptions are no longer called in to the pharmacy due to too many clerical errors.

Q:  Can my Rx be faxed to the pharmacy?

A:  Yes, through the convenient use of our Prescription Renewal portal.

Q:  Can I still pick up my written Rx at the office if I desire?

A:  Yes.  However, for written Rx's, 72 hour notice is required.

Q:  How soon will my Rx be ready if I use the website?

A:  Rx's are processed by FFM within 24 hours.  The turnaround time for each pharmacy is different.

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Q:  Must I pay the entire physician's bill at the time of my appointment, if I have insurance?

A:  No.  At the time of your visit, you are responsible for your co-payment.  Your insurance company will be billed and then only deductibles or coinsurance amounts will be your responsibility.

Q:  My insurance changed, but the claim was sent to my old insurance.  Why am I being billed?

A:  It is your responsibility to inform the office of any insurance changes.  If we do not receive that information in a timely manner, you will be billed.

Q:  I have a bill from Quest/Health Network Labs.  Can you correct that for me?

A:  No.  You must contact their respective billing departments and discuss the circumstances with them.

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Insurance Referrals
Q:  Do I need a referral when I go to a specialist?

A:  Some insurance companies require referrals to specialists.  It is your responsibility to know your insurance requirements.

Q:  How much notice PRIOR to the appointment with the specialist is required?

A:  We require 72 hour notice. 

Q:  How soon is the referral processed?

A:  The Referral Coordinator requires three (3) business days to process the referral. 

Q:  Do I need to pick up the paper referral?

A:  No.  Referrals are done electronically directly to your specialist.

Q:  What if my specialist says they don't have the referral?

A:  The specialists office is able to retrieve the referral a number of ways - phone, FAX, and the internet.

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